Upcload -new start up, sizing up clothing online

As far as more people are connecting with web through out the world, it is opening new doors for learning, connecting  with different cultures and for businesses as well. We are in an era where more people than ever before in history are using the web to shop online for a wide rage of items, from shoes to clothes to houses etc.

Customers are not only enjoying wide variety but a better customer service with improved technology online. Quality product with innovative customer service stands a company above to the other brands. This is the main reason many new start-ups are coming out in market with better ideas .

UPcload is a new startup with brilliant concept – uses your webcam to size you up for the clothes from the comfort of your own home. You pose (in clothing that’s tight enough) while UPcload takes a series of measurements to analyse the exact size and shape of clothing required.

UPcload has developed a system that can determine your measurements over the internet – all you need is a working webcam and a CD. Stand in front of your webcam, hold the CD in front of you, and you’re set. UPcload save your measurement profile online. UPcload has partnered with a number of stores that give UPcload information about the items it has on sale, which can then be matched up with your profile and recommended for you.

“The topic of clothing is very sexy,” UPcload co-founder Asaf Moses told Silicon Allee. “Everyone has clothes. But there is not a lot of innovation in clothes. We are igniting something here that is new.”

It’s been always considered that clothes online shopping has fallen shot – one of the biggest problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a fixed standard for a lot of items – a medium in one store can be the different size as medium in another, so it’s hard to get perfectly fit clothes. This service will lessen that  pain for customers.

Asaf and fellow co-founder Sebastian Schulze  are very much confident about their success. Asaf said at  launching months back, “We have had a great response. People can relate to this idea.” Some 50 percent of electronics are sold online, Asaf explains, and 61 percent of books, so why not clothing? And even better, the whole thing is scalable. “We hope to have hundreds and even thousands of people using it at the same time.”

Upcload office in Berlin which Asaf marked as supportive place for startups. All 12 hard working staff of the company are excited to take the company to the next level  aiming to become the benchmark and protagonist in social shopping.

According to preliminary testing by the folks at TechCrunch, the service is said to be promising though you can try it out for yourself. The service is now being tested with The North Face, and if things go well, you can expect more stores to hop onboard.  It will definitely give a new look to e-commerce industry.


Rethink If It is Easy For You.

It feels great that you have a company and you call yourself an entrepreneur. People come and ask about your work and many times show their willingness to join you . Well, it looks simple for them.

But as Seth says, “Simple doesn’t always mean easy.” If it is easy for you doing what you do, you are not making a difference.

All great entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Seth Godin and James Altucher haven’t made it easily, even now when they are making difference everyday. This is simple, because they are not doing an easy thing. I believe it wouldn’t be as easy for Seth to write a great post every time. It is difficult that’s why it is rare and remarkable.

There is no royal road to success. You fail again and again but at the same time you learn and finally you make it after the hardships. People will try to discourage you, they’ll say it is impossible what you are doing and may be you’ll be called an insane. Yes it is impossible for them, but you know yourself better, believe in your qualities and skills. Make use of them. Start doing and keep doing.

Now if you’re very easy at doing what you are curretly doing, you’re not learning, you’re not climbing nor making a difference. Get out of your comfortzone, get out for learning get for next step ahead.

I really don’t know what you take from this message, but I surely want you to do something which is difficult for you to do. Where are you climbing these days, is it difficult? Share your thoughts in comments.