Create Your own Twitter Profile Infographic with Tweetsheet.

Data visualization is pretty hot now a days. General reason is that it looks beautiful, catchy and easy to grasp information. A number of websites have offered various ways to visualize your Twitter profile data (a recent example being, and now Vizify has launched its Twitter visualization application Tweetsheet.

 Tweetsheet will only load your last 3,200 and will show you some useful information includes a month-by-month summary of your totals Tweets, your most retweets, geographic impact (U.S. only), best followers and favorite themes based on your tweets in beautiful infographics. You can only create Tweetsheets for your accounts, and share it with other people to make them see.

It’s very easy to use – simply connect via Twitter (no password is needed or shared) and you will be able to see your profile Tweetsheet after a moment.

Here is my poor Tweetsheet :O

I have learned that I need to activate my account to connect with more people around the globe. I saw that my account activities are really down in past three four months. It also inform me which is my most popular Tweets, how my Tweeting has grown or fallen over the past months, who retweets and replies to me the most and where the people who respond to me live. Similarly it can help a lot to settle vision of company’s twitter strategy and make them learn how to engage in conversation in a useful way.
It can also provide them data to present where on globe they are most connected and engaged.

Silverstein says that despite the site’s simple looks, he’s got meaningful patents filed. “Acquiring that information, going through it and finding interesting things,” he says, “we’re doing it algorithmically, working backwards from an inspection of data, in the future new data we’re not yet familiar with – and that’s a non-trivial matter.”

Surprise – it’s not just static. Click on the bird and you can actually play a quick game of Angry Birds, too. Bird will hit the bar mentioning your tweets on upper image and give you scores. Hit replay to try to beat your score and have fun with.

“I began my career in publishing and there has always been a lot of ephemera published, much of it that deserves to be saved. I kept a journal when I was younger and I think it’s great to see where I was in my life at those times. I believe there is a lot of content in Twitter that deserves to be saved, too. But we don’t have the tools to understand it.”, Todd Silverstein, CEO of the company, says.

I’d say It’s sound great. Tweetsheet is very simple and easy to handle. Moreover Vizify working on to deliver more, so looking for what’s next.


I Know This and That, Now What?

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We all are surrounded by information about different things, from weather news to what’s hot in fashion. More, it is updating every day, every single day we learn about something in a perspective we were not familiar before.

But important point here is to make use of what we know already and what we are learning. Knowledge can help us to take action toward certain things, it helps us to make changes in what we are already doing, and most importantly it helps us to initiate practical steps.

Dozens of people in your town know that there is only a single Pizza shop and that’s also not good, but only a smart guy will open his Pizza Shop to deliver a great pizza, and to make business. It is always up to us how to make use of information.

Factual or in other words general knowledge is in access of everyone today. But only few people take most from that knowledge, add their own perspective and fewer take actions in their favor. Where do you stand?

Everyone in your group watched that movie, or read that book, but who will write a review for that and put that on web?

It also applies in business world, don’t just get the information, make its use to create a better or new product / service. Go make something happen, you already know a lot but like many you didn’t make use of that. Go, Go, Go!