Evernote Launches a New Browser Extension to Make Web Reading Easier

 Evernote is a simple tool which makes easy for their users to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms for taking and saving notes

Evernote is introducing its originally owned product since Peek named as Clearly. It is only available on chrome ad-on yet.

Evernote Clearly, removes ads, links, navigational elements  from the article you are reading, appear just the text and images to isolate you for comfortable reading and let you easily save it to Evernote for later reading.

In addition the extension also allow customization so that you change the appearance and the size of the characters that can easily help you read with ease and free of interference.
Evernote spokesperson explained it as,

“It’s really about setting the right mood and environment for reading right now.”

For those who love reading on web most of the hours on internet they will even automatically turn a multi-page article into a single page with clearly which unable them to d to click from one page to the next anymore for each read.



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