Google and GoMo Help You Make a Mobile Site for Your Business

One of the reasons which makes me big fan of Google is that it is always in try to innovate and in development of  new services and products for the growing market.

Today Google has launched a mobile site development portal, GOMo – a new service that helps businesses to build  more mobile friendly site for smart phone users. This site is explaining more why your site should be mobile friendly by providing case studies, education and practices for businesses.
The opening mantra of the site reveals the purpose clearly.

GOMO has a lot of  material to learn. Here user can learn more about mobile site,  a mobile browser environment, and get help on improving a site’s mobile usability.

GOMO has also suggested the help of developers companies and provided their lists as well for the mobilization process. It seems like an advertising page for companies that develop and convert sites to the mobile environment.

It is important to keep that  if you are looking for a free mobile site conversion, Google does link to their “Mobilize your business” service to assists in the development for mobile landing pages for free. In case if full conversion to the mobile environment is needed, that’s not going to be free, at least if you’re using GoMo as your starting point.

Google has made this site public with this motivation,

 Most interesting part of the sites are a list of mobile site vendors and “Test Your Site” feature. You can test your current site, how it will look  and perform for your customer on mobile.

Even You can download the Agency Guide from the website to learn smartphone power in current business scenario.

“the initiative is designed to educate businesses about the mobile opportunity and empower them to build mobile-friendly sites.” , explained in Agency Guide.

Here is GOMO promotional video,


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