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Nokia has launched six new featured phone devices on  Nokia World 2011 conference with an emphasis on aspiration youth by giving a smart phones look to their dump-phones. which shows a significant change in Nokia’s operational structure and leadership approach.

India is always been most important  and emerging market for Finnish mobile handset maker Nokia.  Nokia and the company said that it is targeting 50%  market share in India by 2012.

Nokia launched  four phones in the Asha lineup targeted as smart phone like features and internet connectivity to the feature phone market. ‘Asha’ means ‘hope’ in Hindi and Nokia believes it is bringing a significant ability in emerging market of developing countries. The four models in Asha lineup are 200, 201, 300 and 303, all of which run the Series 40 6th Edition OS, come pre-loaded with Nokia Maps.. The 300 and 303 are with more advance features with capacitive touchscreens, with the 303 also bundling in a QWERTY keypad, while the 300 makes do with a numeric one. Both phones are equipped with 3G-capable,1GHz processors and 5-megapixel.

And other two are high-end Lumia 710 and 800 phones powered by the Windows Phone 7 operating system. The phone boasts a 3.7-inch LCD “ClearBlack” display, with 16GB of storage and a Carl Zeiss camera. It comes with a range of changeable covers, available in white, blue, pink, yellow and black.

The company is expecting priced between Rs 4100 to Rs 8000 for Nokia Asha series phone  and Tagged Lumia 710 and 800 hundred with Rs 19000 and Rs 29000 respectively, in India.

India has a population of 1.2 billion and over 800 million are currently using mobile phones.
Vice president and managing director of Nokia India, D. Shivakumar said,

“India is not the right market for anybody to just do a value play in any one category. If you want to be meaningful, you have to be a full line player.”
He was referring to high-segment market catering companies like Apple, who see very little in developing countries market.

Microsoft and Nokia both are preparing for a big launch and for this purpose they are training 12,000 employees to be on hand to sell Lumia phones to customers on the launch day and beyond.  The company has included India  to set plan for the global promotion of its Lumia handset range.
“It is the most important launch for us and the benchmark that we have set for ourselves is that it must be the most impactful consumer products launch in the country,” Shivakaumar said.

This launch will give access low-income customers to smart phone and indeed will provide an opportunity to connect with interconnected world having internet access in their pockets.

It is just a start. Nokia has a long way to go to repair its damaged brand, and it could only do so by innovation and smart marketing campaigns. But these steps mark the start of the company’s renaissance.


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