I Know This and That, Now What?

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We all are surrounded by information about different things, from weather news to what’s hot in fashion. More, it is updating every day, every single day we learn about something in a perspective we were not familiar before.

But important point here is to make use of what we know already and what we are learning. Knowledge can help us to take action toward certain things, it helps us to make changes in what we are already doing, and most importantly it helps us to initiate practical steps.

Dozens of people in your town know that there is only a single Pizza shop and that’s also not good, but only a smart guy will open his Pizza Shop to deliver a great pizza, and to make business. It is always up to us how to make use of information.

Factual or in other words general knowledge is in access of everyone today. But only few people take most from that knowledge, add their own perspective and fewer take actions in their favor. Where do you stand?

Everyone in your group watched that movie, or read that book, but who will write a review for that and put that on web?

It also applies in business world, don’t just get the information, make its use to create a better or new product / service. Go make something happen, you already know a lot but like many you didn’t make use of that. Go, Go, Go!


8 thoughts on “I Know This and That, Now What?

  1. Hi ,
    First of All, Its my pleasure to read your Blog via Mam Ivana.. I just opened the link which I bookmarked few months back ,”http://ivanasendecka.com/2010/10/05/oneshot/” , I found ya there ..
    Secondly , As far as your Perspicacious and Veracious Post, or more Precisely your “ADVICE”,is concerned, I must say, “Life is like a clock, it goes on and on but unfortunately due to our lack of interest we are getting back and back”.. ~israr .

    Here , We should take some deep analysis on Quote by *Marva Collins*, He says, “Success doesn’t come to you?you go to it.”

    Nice Blog and Hope I’ll learn something Sagacious from ya .. 🙂


    • Hey Issi,

      Thank you very much for your first comment here.
      Ivana is a wonderful lady and awesome connector. I am happy to see member of SCG here.
      I am agree with you, for success execution of information is must, without it there is no worth of idea or information.

  2. You brought a very relevant topic. Looking forward to see a developement on a second part. Congrats for the article.

    Success to you.

    • Hello Ariel,
      Few days before I was talking to my friend about you after watching Schindler’s List.
      Thank you for your comment here and wishes. I have shared this topic because nowadays I am analyzing myself that what I know and now what is the use of it.


  3. yes you are right Sidra,
    the real tragedy in life does not lie in not getting knowledge but the real tragedy lies in not having the practical application of that knowledge.

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