Rethink If It is Easy For You.

It feels great that you have a company and you call yourself an entrepreneur. People come and ask about your work and many times show their willingness to join you . Well, it looks simple for them.

But as Seth says, “Simple doesn’t always mean easy.” If it is easy for you doing what you do, you are not making a difference.

All great entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Seth Godin and James Altucher haven’t made it easily, even now when they are making difference everyday. This is simple, because they are not doing an easy thing. I believe it wouldn’t be as easy for Seth to write a great post every time. It is difficult that’s why it is rare and remarkable.

There is no royal road to success. You fail again and again but at the same time you learn and finally you make it after the hardships. People will try to discourage you, they’ll say it is impossible what you are doing and may be you’ll be called an insane. Yes it is impossible for them, but you know yourself better, believe in your qualities and skills. Make use of them. Start doing and keep doing.

Now if you’re very easy at doing what you are curretly doing, you’re not learning, you’re not climbing nor making a difference. Get out of your comfortzone, get out for learning get for next step ahead.

I really don’t know what you take from this message, but I surely want you to do something which is difficult for you to do. Where are you climbing these days, is it difficult? Share your thoughts in comments.


8 thoughts on “Rethink If It is Easy For You.

  1. Nice thoughts, Sidra. Obviously its never easy and simple, if it is that means you are not playing your best shot. We have this kind of mentality in subcontinent particularly, people dont want to put in more effort and they are happy with 9 to 5. Lets just hope people like you help us getting rid of this mentality. Kudos!

  2. I like your post Sidra,

    As human beings we are naturally inclined to avoid pain. That is all very well but it can interfere with our ability to grow. In order to do that we need to work outside our comfort zone and by so doing, stretch and grow that zone itself.

    The picture you have chosen to illustrate this post is perfect! As children we are blessed with a curiosity and innate need to explore (and perhaps a short memory:-). This gives us the edge over our need to be “comfortable.” But as adults we too often loose these qualities or let them be undermined by fear and commonplace distractions. The key is to keep the lessons from our experiences as adults while retaining the joyous curiosity and enchantment with the world beyond our familiarities that a child has.

  3. Well i agree with what you have written. But then again it all comes down to what your objective in life is. My objective is simple, i want to live a happy and comfortable life. Changing the world, being too successful or making the difference is not in my agenda. So i would prefer the comfort zone then to go out and challenge myself.

  4. Hello Sidra, I do not agree with you or I do not understand exactly what you mean with “If it is easy for you doing what you do, you are not making a difference.” Why do you think that? Is it your own experience? Why if I do something easy it is not good? Why if there is a easy way how to solve a problem I have to choose a more difficult one? What about focusing on enjoying the doing instead of “easy/difficult” sides? …or what about focusing on nothing, just let go things happen naturally?

    • Peter you have raised an important question which I didn’t cover in the post.

      “Why if I do something easy it is not good? Why if there is a easy way how to solve a problem I have to choose a more difficult one? What about focusing on enjoying the doing instead of “easy/difficult” sides?”

      What I mean to say is that, in order to move on to or take on something one need to something which is difficult and exceptional.
      For example, a morning walk at 6am is easy for a single day, but if someone really wants to make it work for him, she will have to do it every single day at 6am. Which is not easy.

      Consistency and exceptional are difficult, that’s why not everyone is good at.

      Secondly, exceptional work & success is very rare. Not every one thinks the same way. I mean to address to that small minority.

      Your comment complete this post, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts.

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