Evernote Launches a New Browser Extension to Make Web Reading Easier

 Evernote is a simple tool which makes easy for their users to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms for taking and saving notes

Evernote is introducing its originally owned product since Peek named as Clearly. It is only available on chrome ad-on yet.

Evernote Clearly, removes ads, links, navigational elements  from the article you are reading, appear just the text and images to isolate you for comfortable reading and let you easily save it to Evernote for later reading.

In addition the extension also allow customization so that you change the appearance and the size of the characters that can easily help you read with ease and free of interference.
Evernote spokesperson explained it as,

“It’s really about setting the right mood and environment for reading right now.”

For those who love reading on web most of the hours on internet they will even automatically turn a multi-page article into a single page with clearly which unable them to d to click from one page to the next anymore for each read.


Thinkinsights: A Data Site for Digital Marketers

Finally, the Think with Google team has launched its next project: ThinkInsights.  Google, the biggest data mover in the world sensing the importance of statistics in digital marketing and  introduces a one-stop shop for consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research. Thinkinsights is out of beta now.

Google explained it as,

Quick pop quiz:

  1. Based on search history, consumer demand for pretzels peaks in what month of the year?
  2. How much (in $) does search add to the world’s GDP?
  3. In 2011, what percent of people dreamed and brainstormed about their next vacation?
  4. What percent of the daily queries on Google.com have never been seen before?

“These are just a few questions that can be answered* on the new ThinkInsights with Google, our information and resource hub for marketers. The site is fresh out of beta and sporting a playful new look, helpful tools, more studies, the latest trends and exciting videos”, Google says.

Let’s have a look, What really it is about and how much it can be helpful in digital world,

ThinkInsights consists of five sections: Latest Insights, Research Library, Planning Tools, Facts & Stats, and Thinking Ahead. Many of the sections include links to related studies, articles, and videos.

Latest Insights;

 As its name shows, at Latest Insight section, one can keep himself informed with latest trends and insights of market. It is not only helpful for new startups but can keep update existing brands and businesses about market strategies and changing consumer behavior.

Research Library;


ThinkInsight’s Research Library section, is full of featured studies containing “custom research from Google and select partners, case studies, insights, interviews with thought leaders, soundbites from our many industry events, and more,” according to Google.
In the center of the Research Library page, you can go through featured case studies, featured videos, and featured infographics. And on the left sidebar, you’ll find the topics covering Industry, Media Platform, Audience, and Marketing Objective; all of these are broken into smaller sub-categories. Clicking on sub-categories, you’ll unveil case studies and videos etc, all covering different topics.

Planning Tools;

Think Insights offers Planning Tools that is helpful information from the search engine itself. Here you can find Real-Time Insights Finder if you have shortage of time and want a quick view of what’s available. The tool is in circular shape cut into five sections that let you discover what people are watching, looking for, and saying, how they’re searching and where they’re clicking. Hovering over a section gives you more options; click on one of those and you might find your way to another tool.

Facts and Stats;

Facts and Stats section provides useful statistics for presentation and businesses case studies related to industry, audience, media platform and marketing objectives.

Thinking Ahead;

Here are articles, videos and statistics about future trends and ideas aheading by think tanks based on consumer behavior and business case studies.
Thinkinsights is in fact a new information hub full of statistics, analysis, new trends and behaviors which can help you better look at your market and how you approach to your customers. You can find a lot more by clicking features and suffering and If you love statistics and marketing, you could easily get lost in there.
Good news is that Google has planned to do more with it. Which will definitely encourage businesses in right direction.

Create Your own Twitter Profile Infographic with Tweetsheet.

Data visualization is pretty hot now a days. General reason is that it looks beautiful, catchy and easy to grasp information. A number of websites have offered various ways to visualize your Twitter profile data (a recent example being Visual.ly), and now Vizify has launched its Twitter visualization application Tweetsheet.

 Tweetsheet will only load your last 3,200 and will show you some useful information includes a month-by-month summary of your totals Tweets, your most retweets, geographic impact (U.S. only), best followers and favorite themes based on your tweets in beautiful infographics. You can only create Tweetsheets for your accounts, and share it with other people to make them see.

It’s very easy to use – simply connect via Twitter (no password is needed or shared) and you will be able to see your profile Tweetsheet after a moment.

Here is my poor Tweetsheet :O

I have learned that I need to activate my account to connect with more people around the globe. I saw that my account activities are really down in past three four months. It also inform me which is my most popular Tweets, how my Tweeting has grown or fallen over the past months, who retweets and replies to me the most and where the people who respond to me live. Similarly it can help a lot to settle vision of company’s twitter strategy and make them learn how to engage in conversation in a useful way.
It can also provide them data to present where on globe they are most connected and engaged.

Silverstein says that despite the site’s simple looks, he’s got meaningful patents filed. “Acquiring that information, going through it and finding interesting things,” he says, “we’re doing it algorithmically, working backwards from an inspection of data, in the future new data we’re not yet familiar with – and that’s a non-trivial matter.”

Surprise – it’s not just static. Click on the bird and you can actually play a quick game of Angry Birds, too. Bird will hit the bar mentioning your tweets on upper image and give you scores. Hit replay to try to beat your score and have fun with.

“I began my career in publishing and there has always been a lot of ephemera published, much of it that deserves to be saved. I kept a journal when I was younger and I think it’s great to see where I was in my life at those times. I believe there is a lot of content in Twitter that deserves to be saved, too. But we don’t have the tools to understand it.”, Todd Silverstein, CEO of the company, says.

I’d say It’s sound great. Tweetsheet is very simple and easy to handle. Moreover Vizify working on to deliver more, so looking for what’s next.

Google and GoMo Help You Make a Mobile Site for Your Business

One of the reasons which makes me big fan of Google is that it is always in try to innovate and in development of  new services and products for the growing market.

Today Google has launched a mobile site development portal, GOMo – a new service that helps businesses to build  more mobile friendly site for smart phone users. This site is explaining more why your site should be mobile friendly by providing case studies, education and practices for businesses.
The opening mantra of the site reveals the purpose clearly.

GOMO has a lot of  material to learn. Here user can learn more about mobile site,  a mobile browser environment, and get help on improving a site’s mobile usability.

GOMO has also suggested the help of developers companies and provided their lists as well for the mobilization process. It seems like an advertising page for companies that develop and convert sites to the mobile environment.

It is important to keep that  if you are looking for a free mobile site conversion, Google does link to their “Mobilize your business” service to assists in the development for mobile landing pages for free. In case if full conversion to the mobile environment is needed, that’s not going to be free, at least if you’re using GoMo as your starting point.

Google has made this site public with this motivation,

 Most interesting part of the sites are a list of mobile site vendors and “Test Your Site” feature. You can test your current site, how it will look  and perform for your customer on mobile.

Even You can download the Agency Guide from the website to learn smartphone power in current business scenario.

“the initiative is designed to educate businesses about the mobile opportunity and empower them to build mobile-friendly sites.” , explained in Agency Guide.

Here is GOMO promotional video,

Gmail Lifting Up With New Look And Cool Features.

Google is keep innovating its product time to time by getting a facelift and new experiences to its customers.
Here is what Google has announced today for its web base email client.
Official Gmail blog has announced new features for Gmail with improved navigation, better search options, selectable ‘information density’ and New HD themes to support higher resolution.

What’s new
Many Gmail users may already be familiar with the Google Docs-like look of the new UI, which is based on Gmail’s Preview theme. Now in Gmail it can automatically adapt to fit in any window.
 Google has added new HD high-resolution themes as well as old themes on new setting automatically. Themes have been completely rebuild with imaginary provided by iStockphoto. You can select themes by go to setting menu.

Now new interface let you to resize  the label and chat area to see more or to hide the entire chat area.

New features also include better search option, it is providing advance search option for exact filtration of search.

Google tried to make it  more interactive, that’s now you will be able to see profile pics of your contacts in conversation to track to whom you communicate ‘what’.

Moreover Google will give you access to change density of your display to automatically set space between elements on your screen.

Gmail is used by over 40 million people and these features with give them a different kind of experience with cool themes, profile pictures associated with each message, and a new customizable search box within the Gmail interface.
This changes have not rolled out to everyone, but Google says. you can switch it with link in the bottom right corner of your Gmail inbox over the next few days.
For better understanding see this video..

Upcload -new start up, sizing up clothing online

As far as more people are connecting with web through out the world, it is opening new doors for learning, connecting  with different cultures and for businesses as well. We are in an era where more people than ever before in history are using the web to shop online for a wide rage of items, from shoes to clothes to houses etc.

Customers are not only enjoying wide variety but a better customer service with improved technology online. Quality product with innovative customer service stands a company above to the other brands. This is the main reason many new start-ups are coming out in market with better ideas .

UPcload is a new startup with brilliant concept – uses your webcam to size you up for the clothes from the comfort of your own home. You pose (in clothing that’s tight enough) while UPcload takes a series of measurements to analyse the exact size and shape of clothing required.

UPcload has developed a system that can determine your measurements over the internet – all you need is a working webcam and a CD. Stand in front of your webcam, hold the CD in front of you, and you’re set. UPcload save your measurement profile online. UPcload has partnered with a number of stores that give UPcload information about the items it has on sale, which can then be matched up with your profile and recommended for you.

“The topic of clothing is very sexy,” UPcload co-founder Asaf Moses told Silicon Allee. “Everyone has clothes. But there is not a lot of innovation in clothes. We are igniting something here that is new.”

It’s been always considered that clothes online shopping has fallen shot – one of the biggest problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a fixed standard for a lot of items – a medium in one store can be the different size as medium in another, so it’s hard to get perfectly fit clothes. This service will lessen that  pain for customers.

Asaf and fellow co-founder Sebastian Schulze  are very much confident about their success. Asaf said at  launching months back, “We have had a great response. People can relate to this idea.” Some 50 percent of electronics are sold online, Asaf explains, and 61 percent of books, so why not clothing? And even better, the whole thing is scalable. “We hope to have hundreds and even thousands of people using it at the same time.”

Upcload office in Berlin which Asaf marked as supportive place for startups. All 12 hard working staff of the company are excited to take the company to the next level  aiming to become the benchmark and protagonist in social shopping.

According to preliminary testing by the folks at TechCrunch, the service is said to be promising though you can try it out for yourself. The service is now being tested with The North Face, and if things go well, you can expect more stores to hop onboard.  It will definitely give a new look to e-commerce industry.

Hometown thanksgiving; would love to win handmade shoes from Pakistan

Nokia has launched six new featured phone devices on  Nokia World 2011 conference with an emphasis on aspiration youth by giving a smart phones look to their dump-phones. which shows a significant change in Nokia’s operational structure and leadership approach.

India is always been most important  and emerging market for Finnish mobile handset maker Nokia.  Nokia and the company said that it is targeting 50%  market share in India by 2012.

Nokia launched  four phones in the Asha lineup targeted as smart phone like features and internet connectivity to the feature phone market. ‘Asha’ means ‘hope’ in Hindi and Nokia believes it is bringing a significant ability in emerging market of developing countries. The four models in Asha lineup are 200, 201, 300 and 303, all of which run the Series 40 6th Edition OS, come pre-loaded with Nokia Maps.. The 300 and 303 are with more advance features with capacitive touchscreens, with the 303 also bundling in a QWERTY keypad, while the 300 makes do with a numeric one. Both phones are equipped with 3G-capable,1GHz processors and 5-megapixel.

And other two are high-end Lumia 710 and 800 phones powered by the Windows Phone 7 operating system. The phone boasts a 3.7-inch LCD “ClearBlack” display, with 16GB of storage and a Carl Zeiss camera. It comes with a range of changeable covers, available in white, blue, pink, yellow and black.

The company is expecting priced between Rs 4100 to Rs 8000 for Nokia Asha series phone  and Tagged Lumia 710 and 800 hundred with Rs 19000 and Rs 29000 respectively, in India.

India has a population of 1.2 billion and over 800 million are currently using mobile phones.
Vice president and managing director of Nokia India, D. Shivakumar said,

“India is not the right market for anybody to just do a value play in any one category. If you want to be meaningful, you have to be a full line player.”
He was referring to high-segment market catering companies like Apple, who see very little in developing countries market.

Microsoft and Nokia both are preparing for a big launch and for this purpose they are training 12,000 employees to be on hand to sell Lumia phones to customers on the launch day and beyond.  The company has included India  to set plan for the global promotion of its Lumia handset range.
“It is the most important launch for us and the benchmark that we have set for ourselves is that it must be the most impactful consumer products launch in the country,” Shivakaumar said.

This launch will give access low-income customers to smart phone and indeed will provide an opportunity to connect with interconnected world having internet access in their pockets.

It is just a start. Nokia has a long way to go to repair its damaged brand, and it could only do so by innovation and smart marketing campaigns. But these steps mark the start of the company’s renaissance.

You Actually Fail, When You Do Not Execute.

Washington DC - National Museum of American Hi...

First electric bulb, which was created after 1000 tries.

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You might have a brilliant idea for a brilliant business or anything, I’m sure you have, don’t tell me you don’t.  Now you are afraid to execute, because you have lack of resources. You have assumed (which is making an ASS of U & ME) that you might not reach to your goal because you haven’t enough resources.

But what is the guarantee of your idea in market with all resources? You might have very expensive website for your on-line store with all technical assistant but who will  give you guarantee that  your online store is going to be very popular among the target community. Or who is giving you the guarantee that you are going to fail in your idea. Definitely no one can. To get the real situation you must not stick around with prediction and casting doubts. Market is a place which gives all resistance to new ideas.

In this situation if you want to be remarkable you have the only option to ship your art to face the bigger challenges of market resistance. Your art can show you the real picture of what works and what doesn’t, execution is most important element which leads you to make a difference.  Now its easy to create, learn and share more than ever in interconnected world.

Chances are you’ll be failed but this failure will give you enough knowledge of market and yourself. You will get where your shipping is necessary and your art lies.

So go for execution, break the rules, think out of the box and never avoid failing because if you do so, it will leave you unlearned in uncertainty and doubts. Which is worst than failure.

Tell me what’s on your mind and you’re afraid to execute. May be I can be of help.

All the best with execution!